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CERIAN Technology Ventures, LLC advises companies how to maximize the value of technology in mergers, acquisitions, asset sales and licensing transactions. Intellectual property assets such as designs, algorithms, software, semiconductors, circuits, patents and trademarks represent the most significant and valuable possessions any technology company owns, and the key driver in technology-based transactions. CERIAN facilitates identification, valuation, due-diligence, positioning, marketing, negotiation and consummation of transactions designed to realize maximum value.

Founded in 2001, CERIAN's early practice has concentrated in working with financially distressed technology companies, their investors and creditors (as well as with divisions of large corporations). CERIAN has generated returns and liquidity for those stakeholders by preserving and marketing soft technology assets and intellectual property, engineering transactions for the monetization of such assets. In the following years, CERIAN has expanded its practice to provide sell-side and buy-side advisory services to companies in maximizing the value of technology in asset sales, licensing and merger and acquisition transactions. The source of value in our transactions has been diverse technologies in markets such as broadband, networking, wireless telecommunication, storage, enterprise software, semiconductors and medical devices.

The CERIAN team brings the deep technical and business background needed to realize value from technology. On the sell-side, we employ a three-step process in order to maximize the value of technology companies and assets. First, we evaluate the asset and determine the best way to market it. Second, we perform the technical and marketing transformation work required to properly position the intellectual property or company for sale. Third, we go out, market the assets, and negotiate and consummate a deal for its sale or license. When necessary, CERIAN also provides post-deal support to the acquirers in technology transfer and operational matters. Our process allows clients to achieve the maximum benefit from the technology assets. On the buy-side, we have assisted clients in putting together (and executing) highly proactive programs for identifying, evaluating and consummating technology acquisitions and licensing programs. This has allowed our clients to take advantage of unique buying opportunities in the market.

CERIAN's diverse client base includes Fortune 500 companies, startups, mid-size companies, venture capital firms, creditors, banks, law firms, bankruptcy committees, trustees and debtors. We have worked on transaction in all major technology regions of the United States, as well as in Europe, Asia and Israel.



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