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CERIAN Technology Ventures has a diverse client base that spans small to large companies, as well as stakeholders in those companies:

On the sell-side, we work closely with venture capital firms, as well as individual investors, in assessing portfolio companies and bringing liquidity to technology asset. We also assist venture capital firms in identifying technology buy-side acquisition opportunities on behalf of the fund itself or the portfolio companies.

We have worked closely with client companies in two areas. The first is designing and implementing programs for proactive identification and assessment of technology acquisition opportunities. We also worked with public companies in monetizing value from technology assets through divestitures, sales and licensing transactions. We have worked with several Fortune 500 companies, as well as prominent mid-size and startup companies.

Board of Directors
We work closely with a technology company's board of directors to assist in technology acquisitions, dispositions and divestitures.

CERIAN counts a number of large banks as its clients. We work with creditors to assess loan risks, and, when needs arise, assist in orderly foreclosure and liquidation of soft assets.

Bankruptcy Professionals
CERIAN worked with bankruptcy professional, as well as bankruptcy committees in maximizing the value of technology assets for the estate. We worked in highly formal bankruptcy situations, including in the context of publicly traded companies, as well as in less formal Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) and debtor-in-possession proceedings.



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